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Commission/Freelance Services

Commission Page:


-Concept Art

-Character Design Sheets

-Original Character Artwork


-Fan Art

1 character: $30

2 charaters $35

3 characters: $40

4 or more: Ask for a quote

Discord/Twitch emotes: $10 for 1, $25 for 3, $45 for 6


Digital Illustration


Short Animation

Gifs, moving illustrations: $50

If you just want storyboards or an animatic, ask for a quote.

Anything longer than ~3 seconds ask for a quote.

Prices may change at my discretion, all prices in US dollars, at least half of the price for the commission is expected in advance, no exceptions.

For writing and book covers, head to Fiverr:

Have a Project?

Contact me with your proposal, or head to Ko-fi, whether it's an illustration for personal use, a long-form animation project, or something in between, let's work together to make something amazing. For writing projects, check out my pricing on Fiverr.

Contact Me

Thanks for submitting!

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