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Detective King


What’s a detective to do when faced by criminals he doesn’t believe exist?

Ghosts, magical creatures, demons, and was that a talking mouse? The son of Dr. John Watson strives to overtake the legacy of Sherlock Holmes but finds himself cast into another world filled with the paranormal, mythical and impossible while sinister plots threaten the fabric of society. When a mysterious woman who looks just like his late mother makes off with an ancient demon, can the teenage detective unravel the web of supernatural mysteries and take his crown as the detective king? And seriously—I’m certain that mouse just spoke.
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Arthur Watson

Our protagonist—Arthur is the youngest detective in Scotland Yard's history, the son of Dr. John Watson of Sherlock Holmes fame. He can be arrogant, self-absorbed, and harsh, but his talent can't be denied. His sensibilities as a detective will be put to the test as he faces that which cannot be explained.

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Arthur's self-imposed 'assistant', she has a sharp tongue and brains beyond her years, but she holds a devastating secret...

Willy Manders

The master thief, showman, and wannabe devil. He was once Arthur's best friend, now they play cat and mouse on opposite sides of the law. As Willy descends into the grips of a shadowy plot that chips away at his humanity and sanity, his efforts to create a world in which he and Arthur can bury their differences grow more... drastic.

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Gwen, Lily, Owen, and Sam

The other Detective Knights—Gwen, who may be an innocent flower seller, or perhaps something more occult... Lily, Arthur's eccentric younger sister, Owen, who suffers from a terrible and rather furry curse, and Sam, a fellow detective, always raring for a fight.

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Detective King is available now. Further installments coming soon!


10% of author royalties will go to a different charity every month! (Check my Twitter for this month's charity)

10% of proceeds from Patreon and Ko-fi will be donated as well.

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About the Author

With a roar like a lion and style that shines brighter than lightning, I am an animator, digital illustrator, and author of Detective King. My real name is Ryan Bold. I hail from the Chicago area where I've lived my whole life. I'm a recent graduate of DePaul University (with a degree in Animation) and I strive to create a community centered around story. This is my first novel, and I'm excited to begin this journey with all of you!

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